8th February 2012 18:46

Just been down Bincombe Valley for one last time almost made me cry. Saw Mr Kay who kept tapping me on the back and telling me I’m not shy! He has changed so much and so has the school. I think next time I’m off school and their not I’ll go and visit. Lewis is gonna ask Meg out! šŸ˜„

Note: Mr Kay was my teacher for year 3 and 5 and he was my favourite primary school teacher. He was a truly awesome guy who used to listen to The White Stripes and The Killers in the classroom. I also remember we used to play this game called Labyrinth that was made by Microsoft and I’m gutted that I can’t find it anywhere because that game was so much fun (although I wasn’t very good at it!)


7th February 2012 22:07

Just watched The Ringer with Johnny Knoxville in it. It’s such a cute film. Only just noticed howĀ obsessedĀ with One Direction I am! Pebbles died on 1st February. R.I.P.

Note: Pebbles was my beautiful cat. I had him since I was a baby and grew up with him. I was absolutely heartbroken when he died and still thought I saw him for a least a few months. I kept seeing things moving and thinking “It’s just Pebbles.” But of course he wasn’t there. I still miss him so much. He was my best friend and knew when I needed cheering up, which was a lot!

31st January 2012 15:59

Ultrasound didn’t happen, have to have it done at a later date. I give up. I have no clue how I feel anymore. I love Lewis but when I see Sam and Emma together my heart breaks. Everyone has a boyfriend except me. Rebecca had James, Esther has Brandon, Georgia Sam, Courtney has someone and Emma has Sam. I’m so miserable. Still no braces.

Note: This began a long, in fact still going (at least as of January 2016) time of moping and feeling like shit because I don’t have a boyfriend. Honestly, I need to learn to be happy alone but it’s very difficult to do that when your friends are all in relationships!!

19th January 2012 22:06

Things aren’t going well with Lewis. Rebecca has a boyfriend! They don’t even talk. Esther has become her best friend. I have my ultrasound scan tomorrow so scared. I have to show another stranger my boobs but this time they get to be prodded too. Joy upon joy! Will this hell never end?

Note: I had to have theĀ ultrasoundĀ done to check my heart for defects because they found a murmur in my heart. Turns out it’s innocent and fine but having the ultrasound done was really embarrassing…

11th January 2012 15:43

One Direction was amazing Niall definitely waved at me and Rebecca reckons Liam waved at us. the support acts were good too. Been an eventful few days: I am now an able seaman in CCF; I got my lollipops and beret. Lost friends, gained friends, got my other friends and got embarrassed because Tara got Lewis and dragged him to me and Becca told us to speak. The conversation didn’t get very far but I wish I could speak to him! I am now 5ft 4 and weigh 9st 9.

Note: If you are a friend do not force someone to speak to their crush. Also, the One Direction concert I went to was filmed for their first concert DVD and you could not see where we were sat, so they probably were not waving at us in particular…

1st January 2012 23:07

Completed Vampire Diaries book in a day and a bit. New years eve party was good. Charlotte called a boy Ben and it wasn’t Ben. I got wished a happy new year by 5 people I didn’t even know which included a pinky finger?! and I was made to promise to try hard at school and got called an alcoholic! I only had 2 WKDs and half a glass of raspberry vodka. Better not tell dad that though! nly 2 full days and 1 sleep til 1D!!! I absolutely can’t wait. Stuck with homework tomorrow though and I have forgotten everything I’ve learnt šŸ˜¦

28th December 2011 22:36

Christmas went okay. Birthday was good. I got Ā£10 New Look Ā£30 Primark and Ā£35 cash. I also got a new kindle, a new iPod dock and a pair of brogues along with some other rubbish. the best part of today though was seeing my cousin Richard. I hadn’t seen him in AGES and he was so nice. I missed him, I also got my first birthday bumps; they picked me up on my chair and threw me. No advancements on the Lewis assignment. Going to Poole tomorrow and hope to get some more CD’s in the HMV sale. I got Olly Murs, One Direction, Christina Perri, Justin Bieber and the X Factor Finalists today. I also got Water for Elephants on DVD.

1st December 2011 20:59

omg Lucas was flirting with me earlier and Sarah was right there! He made me smell Sarah’s lip balm and then shoved it in my face. He then had wotsit crumbs and he got them on my nose. I forgot what it’s like to have someone appreciate me.

Note: This 100% was NOT flirting. This was just Lucas messing around as he did with everyone. I was just very naive and didn’t know what flirting looked like.

30th November 2011 22:13

OMG it’s December tomorrow! Town went okay got Jemma’s birthday pressie – a J ornament that I decorated with flowers andĀ personalizedĀ it! I also got myself a blue coat that sucks me in and I love it, Char’s secret santa gift – a canvas I made with butterflies and my favourite saying and Char’s birthday gift – a C necklace. Saw 36 people we knew in town. That included Lucas who gave us all a huge hug when he saw us! That cheered me up more than it should’ve. I enjoy getting attention and I think I am a drama queen. Should be getting my braces soon. I’m 9th on the list šŸ˜€ I will look pretty for once in my life! Whoops drama queen again! sorry. Oh yeah I think it was yesterday; Becca got me to touch Lewis’s hair and it is the softest thing EVER. I<3 LG xxx

Notes: 1. Getting braces does not make you pretty. Sure it straightens your teeth out so you can smile in photos, but your face is your face and you have to put up with it for the rest of your life. 2. I now know that touching a guys hair is not the best way to get him to like you, it’s creepy and weird and should not be done.