22nd March 2011 16:01

Today was so good-ish. It all started with lunch. Rebecca got stressed because we told Tom that she loved him. Then we did the same to Charlotte but Sam thought she was a Mexican 😀 Then in English Gab was reading then he had to choose a girl to read and everyone said “Castielle” and he said “Why?” and Charliee said “because she fancies the pants off you.” It was embarrassing but funny. So I read and then I had to pick a boy, so I went along the lines and chose James but he coughed and then said “Only cuz I coughed, do you have something against coughing?” and the whole class went “God James” or “Shut up James” and I felt liked for the first time ever, part of a team. P.S. with the Gab incident Ellie said “Gab loves Castielle” and he didn’t deny it. I know I’m being stupid but hey. And Miss Harris is giving away a TV and a mini fridge 😀

Yours Mrs Happy Smith


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