23rd April 2011 17:58

Katie is so cute but her mm is so detached. Bea is a nut case. I will fill you in on the last few days. Tuesday. I got a hamster but then I was offered 3 dwarf hamsters, so then I had 4. The 1st is called Peaches and the dwarfs are Stripes, Co-Co and Star.We thought the dwarfs were all female but yesterday Stripe was a boy and Co-Co gave birth to 4 babies, so now I have 8. But on the upside I went to town on Friday with Courtney, Esther, Charlotte and Rebecca and it was wkd. We got BFF wristbands and there was a girl who was taking pics of us, so CJ swore at her so her mum came over and asked “Where’s your parents?””How old are you, 9?” She was a right freak! But today Char was acting strange. I asked her to come over and she said she can’t because she’s doing something. What is “something”? Soemthing is going on and I wanna know what D: I love Gab.


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