10th November 2011 17:07

I love Lewis! Can’t wait for Olly Murs concert and One Direction (triple eep!). Billy’s funeral is on Tuesday but I’m not going, it’s too sad. I don’t know why but when I’m in Biology and I’m being ignored it hurts more to be ignored by Sam than by Esther or Rebecca. I don’t fancy him but I just hate it when he’s horrible to me. Last week he drew himself, Esther and Becca happy and he drew me being hung. That really hurt. In our group: Esther, Becca, Charlotte, me, Courtney, Georgia, Sarah, Jemma and Georgina. No one likes Georgina and apparently she said we were all twats apart from Courtney and Esther! She doesn’t even know me. Dad and Toni have split up (what a surprise) and mum is going to get the house! I have a heart murmur. I had to have an ECG and blood tests, they came back fine but now I have to have an ultrasound! I reckon my breathing is caused by asthma not a heart murmur. My heart murmur is innocent. I seem to fancy everyone at the min; I think I’m having withdrawal symptoms. I liked Frankie Cocozza on X Factor but everyone hated him 😦 The only decent person I like is Mr Damon Salvatore xxx


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