12th November 2011 08:27

I dreamt about Lewis last night. This cable was alive and trying to get me so I had to cut it but it had already got Lewis and I held him in my arms and told him how I felt and then he died. I met the person who started it and told him he could kill me if I could have 1000 more seconds. He said no you have to die now so I jumped down a flight of stairs and landed it. I was gonna tell mum goodbye but I got woken up by Charlotte jumping off the top bunk. She fell asleep last night. Yesterday on 11.11.11 at 11:11am it was a lucky minute, I made my wish and it was to be luckier. I haven’t ever had much luck but maybe now I might. I still don’t know whether or not to go to Billy’s funeral. I pray that God may guide me to the right decision.


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