12th April 2012 19:35

So much to write about.

  • Went bowling on the 2nd
  • Got The Vampire Diaries book 9 on the 9th
  • Completed it by today
  • Got Stefan’s Diary 3 yesterday.

I really wish I wasn’t such a twat around Lewis; I’m not sure even if I still like him but a couple of weeks ago he borrowed my phone. He said he needed a phone so me and Rebecca followed him saying he could borrow mine. He took it and dialled his home number but my phone went funny and he thought he’d broken it! I took it back and redialled and this time it worked. He was asking his mum to bring him in some clothes and this was when Rebecca says “Why? Don’t you have some on? Castielle would like that!” I bushed so hard I must have looked like a lobster and everyone laughed at me. But Lewis was did that cute smile he always does and I melted. He hung up and gave the phone back and his hand touched mine. They are so soft and gentle. I keep thinking about really horrible past events at the minute, like Billy’s death. I feel quite guilty about it; if I hadn’t made mum go that day then Sarah may have paid more attention to him and he might not have gone missing. And then I think of Josh. He’s without a brother and I feel like where our parents were childhood friends we should be more friendly but he’s in year 11 and I’m year 9. I als thought about last year when I woke up in the middle of the night to Jason (who had been beaten up) mumbling “Marianne, Marianne.” I was terrified.


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