15th May 2012 16:57

Urgh so pissed off. Sara’s babysitting tonight so I have to go to Kirsty’s for dinner and to watch TVD. It’s weird how she knows more about me than my mum. I feel like she cares about me more than mum too. You know I said I keep seeing fit boys? Well I saw all of them again today. Most of them sit together for lunch. I think they all have girlfriends though too. Even though it could never happen I still find them fit! Had a good laugh in Maths today. George and Will are so funny! I’m surprised George actually knows who I am to be honest. Josh is really weird. He asked if I was alright earlier but I don’t know if he was serious or not. If he actually cared. Passed my weapon handling test yesterday at the Combined Cadet Force (CCF). but I quit today for good. Saw a bridesmaid dress Jess picked out. Not sure if I like it but I told Jess I did. I will wear it if she likes it. Orthodontic said I need to brush way more and I need about 5 teeth out. So scared!

Note: I’m pretty sure now that Josh didn’t give a crap about me. He was always really mean to me. He thought he was joking but honestly he hurt my feelings more often than not. Also Kirsty is my mum’s best friend and she is lovely but definitely doesn’t care more about me than my own mother, here is an example to classic teenage strop.


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