27th July 2012

The ignoring thing hasn’t got any better. I’ve done something but I’m not going to write it in here incase someone reads it. I’m not proud but it’s a way to escape I suppose. I have also been trying to write a book. I went to the cinema to watch Batman the other day with some of the family including Emily. I know this sounds selfish but I am so jealous of how everyone loves her. I feel like my family are the only people who like me so when they are really close to someone else it hurts. I also went to the beach and got blotchy sunburn. When I went there, there were these boys there too because Sarah had invited them and they were horrible to me and then guess what. Sarah invites everyone out again! I feel like people are perposley (see I can’t even spell, I’m so pissed! URGH!) pushing me away.


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