4th October 2012 10:46

Going to waffle on today with Char, Leon etc. Can’t wait 🙂 I’m surrounded by people who like me yet I feel so lonely, I don’t have a best friend or boyfriend. It’s good that I have someone who understands how I feel though 🙂 I find it really frustrating how I can’t hate dad, I could be homeless in 10 months because of him and Toni. To be honest I’m not sure who to trust now. I can’t trust Sarah, I got a text the day after those boys were mean apologising and I actually thought it was them, it was Sarah and she didn’t even tell me. I found out from Rebecca 2 days ago. I’m such a gullible pushover. I think that’s why people treat me like dirt, I just forgive people. Oh and it turns out I might not be able to be Jess’s bridesmaid, mum wants to cancel but it’s been my dream since I was like 5!


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