29th October 2012 22:48

Really worried about Halloween. I look like a prostitute. I’m supposed to be going to Eve’s but I don’t think her parents will appreciate that! I’m not gonna lie Leon and his mum have spoilt Charlotte so much and it’s starting to piss me off. Here I am not being able to even go to town and she won’t even give me my proper wages! It fucks me off. Sarah is the greatest person in my life right now. She’s amazing! She’s getting me an ear stretcher on Wednesday and she has something big planned for my birthday. She’s always there if I need her and I’m so grateful for that. If you ever read this Sarah, YOU ARE AMAZING! You have pulled me out of my rutt and I love yo. I honestly love having someone to talk to and trust 🙂

Note: Me and Charlotte had a joint paper round, we did it together and we split the wages but because it went into her account she couldn’t give me exactly half. Plus I just noticed how a couple of entries before I was saying how I can’t trust Sarah and now I’m saying she’s the only person I can trust.


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