7th November 2012 20:36

Honestly loved bonfire night. I wasn’t going to go but I’m so glad I did. It was me, alex, jay, sarah, Rebecca, esther, eve, charlotte J and louise. There was one moment when we all had linked hands watching the fireworks. Also, Jay is the nicest boy I’ve ever spoken to. I don’t fancy him or anything but he is truly amazing and I see why Sarah goes on about him so much. That day was probably one of my best this year! I have a history mock in 2 weeks and if we underachieve we have to retake it. My target is an A* so if I get anything less I have to retake it. I don’t even know all the stuff I’m so worried! But I got an A* in English for my Of Mice and Men monologue! I’m also gifted and talented in photography! To be fair my life is on a high right now. And Jess is coming down this weekend!


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