Unknown date and Unknown time

Feeling better today but have had a lot of time to just think and I have no idea what to do with my life. I don’t know what to take at A level or even what I want to be when I grow up. I mean I want to be a cake maker, but that’s not realistic and won’t get the bills paid but then I would like to do something else but I’m too shy and you can’t do much when you’re that shy. Right I’m going to have a bitching session now so I apologise in advance but I do mean this right now. Louise, you told Rebecca you’d rather receive nothing from me than a cake but you didn’t tell me and to be honest you should be grateful whatever I give you, I don’t even have money let alone to waste on you. Charlotte you’re letting Leon control you simply because you don’t want to be alone, but the truth is if you keep ignoring the people who have been here the whole time you will end up alone. And I’m sick of everyone showing off what they’ve got, Rebecca with her guitar, Charlotte with her new clothes and everyone just going out all the time and I’m just stuck at home with no money even though I’ve worked for a month without spending any money just because I want to do like paintballing and go cinema with Sarah and Charlotte.


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