25th August 2011 18:36

My painters are back. And I might be going to see Olly Murs at the BIC! It’s one of my christmas pressies 😀 But I’m going to be so upset if we don’t get a seat or get a seat at the back.

Note: I did see Olly Murs and I sat at the back and it was awesome!


18th August 10:07

Carnival was ok. Still don’t like rides. But I had the best dream ever. i met Gab in Claire’s and we spoke for ages about the things we like. Then we went to Costa coffee and I sat on his lap 🙂

8th August 2011 20:21

I’m not going to miss Naomi’s party which is good 😀 Haven’t really done much yet here in Warwick but I spent £20 in ASDA today on a Justin Bieber poster, Twilight, and book 5,6 and 7 of the Vampire Diaries. Hoping to go to Warwick Castle though 😀 can’t wait. Bethany is as cute as ever! She smiles at me all the time and I love her sooo much…