28th December 2011 22:36

Christmas went okay. Birthday was good. I got £10 New Look £30 Primark and £35 cash. I also got a new kindle, a new iPod dock and a pair of brogues along with some other rubbish. the best part of today though was seeing my cousin Richard. I hadn’t seen him in AGES and he was so nice. I missed him, I also got my first birthday bumps; they picked me up on my chair and threw me. No advancements on the Lewis assignment. Going to Poole tomorrow and hope to get some more CD’s in the HMV sale. I got Olly Murs, One Direction, Christina Perri, Justin Bieber and the X Factor Finalists today. I also got Water for Elephants on DVD.


1st December 2011 20:59

omg Lucas was flirting with me earlier and Sarah was right there! He made me smell Sarah’s lip balm and then shoved it in my face. He then had wotsit crumbs and he got them on my nose. I forgot what it’s like to have someone appreciate me.

Note: This 100% was NOT flirting. This was just Lucas messing around as he did with everyone. I was just very naive and didn’t know what flirting looked like.