27th December 2012 12:06

Just read through my last 2 entries and I am so ungrateful!


27th December 2012 11:52

I’m now scared that my birthday is going to be just as crap as Christmas. Mum said I can either have £50 or a second hand PSP with no memory card or games. What choice is that? Oh or I can have an external hard-drive. Also I offered for Sarah to come round mine new years eve because she didn’t want to go to Charlotte’s party due to personal reasons but no, she’s going. To be honest I’m not sure what I want to do. I’m really not in the mood to celebrate anything at the minute and the worse part is I know next year is going to be hell.

25th December 2012 17:57

Operation went okay, just ached for a bit. Jess’s wedding was the best 😀 I had a photo of just me and Jess and I hope to get it framed. I got a pearl bracelet with a silver Eiffel tower charm as a thank you which is soo cute. I refused to dance at the wedding because I can’t dance but I got dragged up by the guitarist twice 😀 This sounds pathetic but I felt special. However, this Christmas has been a failure apart from my TV and my camera. Mum always gets stupid stocking presents and I actually cried. That’s sounds so ungrateful though :/ Looking forward to my birthday now though. AND it pisses me off when people get me vouchers!! I need money for Disneyland and Justin Bieber!