29th February 2012 15:41

Really want to get out of Weymouth. School seems like my own brand of hell. Rebecca flirting with everyone and I’m sat there taking insults from everyone. She is now Esther’s best friend and apparently I’m Charlotte’s but I don’t want to have a best friend I want everyone to be equal. Lewis doesn’t fancy Meg anymore because she’s going out with someone but I can’t speak to him let alone ask him out. I wish I was more confident in myself. No. I wish I was someone else.

Note: To be honest, looking back the insults weren’t that bad and they were just people being immature, as you are when you are younger.


8th February 2012 18:46

Just been down Bincombe Valley for one last time almost made me cry. Saw Mr Kay who kept tapping me on the back and telling me I’m not shy! He has changed so much and so has the school. I think next time I’m off school and their not I’ll go and visit. Lewis is gonna ask Meg out! đŸ˜„

Note: Mr Kay was my teacher for year 3 and 5 and he was my favourite primary school teacher. He was a truly awesome guy who used to listen to The White Stripes and The Killers in the classroom. I also remember we used to play this game called Labyrinth that was made by Microsoft and I’m gutted that I can’t find it anywhere because that game was so much fun (although I wasn’t very good at it!)

7th February 2012 22:07

Just watched The Ringer with Johnny Knoxville in it. It’s such a cute film. Only just noticed how obsessed with One Direction I am! Pebbles died on 1st February. R.I.P.

Note: Pebbles was my beautiful cat. I had him since I was a baby and grew up with him. I was absolutely heartbroken when he died and still thought I saw him for a least a few months. I kept seeing things moving and thinking “It’s just Pebbles.” But of course he wasn’t there. I still miss him so much. He was my best friend and knew when I needed cheering up, which was a lot!