22nd February 2013 21:07

Got a job at the Oasis Café. I emailed them, then got told to call a number and she phoned me back asking me to go in on Sunday (24th) for a trial. I’m so nervous though. Actually I’m not nervous, I’m flat out scared. She said they have 17 and 18 year olds there so I’ll have people my age, but what if they hate me? What if I’m not very good? guess we’ll find out on Sunday!


13th February 2013 21:09

I was thinking about growing up earlier and about when I leave secondary school. I only have like a year left so I should enjoy it right? I have no clue what I want to do yet; I haven’t even had time to grow up. I can’t imagine myself in 2 years going to sixth form and being able to learn how to drive, and having to choose what path my life should take. I’ve been too busy thinking about other people’s lives and problems that I don’t know what to do with mine. I’m too kind, I let people walk all over me, yet n my mind I don’t even see myself doing it. I don’t know where I’m heading in life so maybe I’ll make it up as I go along? That doesn’t seem like such a great plan though.

4th February 2013 17:00

Disneyland was amazing! I conquered my fear of rides! I went on Big Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones and Space Mountain. That’s upside down, loops, corkscrews and dark! I didn’t go on Tower of Terror or the Rock and Roller coaster though because I wimped out. Lewis borrowed my pen and he still has it! I had a dream about him while I was at Disneyland. Me and him got paired up to do a job or something together and he didn’t wanna be with me and he cried so I cried. Anyway, I bought Katie a really cute Tinkerbell top. I can’t wait to give it to her, hope she likes it!