29th July 2011 10:05

Omg such a good day yesterday. My friend Beth was leaving so we all went to the beach to say goodbye. It was me, Rebecca, Gab, Beth, Elz, Charliee, Aiden, Tom, Owen, Robyn and Emma. Then me, Aiden, Charliee, Beth, Robyn and Gab were playing dares and Gab kissed me on the cheek. I also got kissed by Aiden and Tom but that didn’t matter. I also had to kiss Gab and Aiden on the cheek. And then last I told Gab I fancy him again! I’m also going up to Warrick on the 4th August but I don’t know when I get back so I might miss Naomi’s party.


16th July 2011 20:46

Dad’s being stupid again. He wants his name off the mortgage so that he can get a remortgage! Also, the hamsters now total 14! Peaches is still missing, everyone’s going on holiday but me, I look like a fat freak and my “painters” aren’t in yet because I’m so stressed. And I still love Gab! x

8th July 2011 22:13

Went to Splashdown today with half of Yr8. It was epic. I conquered my fears by going on the fastest one first. It was called the Baron’s Revenge. I went on theĀ MississippiĀ Drifter 4 times! I went on all the rides apart from the screamer and Space Bowl (better known as a toilet bowl). I also sat on a boy and a man’s head and kicked a man in the balls :/ I have never seen anything like Mr.Luke’s armpits. It looks like he’s growing trees. I also confessed my love to Gab. I was so proud of myself but he didn’t say anything.

2nd July 2011 22:45

Wedding was OK. I spilled foundation down my dress. Aimee got custard down hers. No one was at the ceremony. The music wouldn’t play then I couldn’t find a place to sit. Then the music wouldn’t stop. Toni forgot her promise. Kyle was talking the whole time. Then when we go to the reception I had an emotional breakdown. No one turned up, the cake fell over and the little man figurine wouldn’t stay up. Then this girl called Shannon kept wanting Kyle. She is a bitch. And then dad didn’t thank Auntie Nik in his speech so she was in a mood. Shannon got worried. Dad went looking for her. The the couple’s first dance was the Titanic theme so I cried then I couldn’t stop. Then the twins wanted to go home so I text my mum. Then they didn’t. My mum had an argument with Auntie Nik for leaving us there but now has toĀ apologizeĀ  And to top it off Toni’s pregnant. Urgh my dad is such a dick. I want to kill him.