30th June 2011 09:24

I asked Gab out yesterday. Then last night I had a dream that we were going out. THE BEST DREAM EVER!


27th June 2011 20:19

Urgh! I cannot stick Charlotte at the minute. She broke my playsuit. Yesterday, I was on the trampoline and to get up you have to sit on the springs so I was on them and Charlotte bounced the springs trapped my jumpsuit and ripped a huge hole in it. Now she’s just stormed off because I blamed her!

25th June 2011 22:56

Apparently I’m wearing silver sandals for the wedding now and I have to be around Toni’s for 7am! Aimee’s party was good today but she doesn’t want dad to marry Toni. I don’t know how I feel about it. I think I “like” Sam again. OMG help me! My feelings don’t stay in one place. I love Take That-Patience at the mo, it describes how I feel so well.

22nd June 2011 22:05

Gonna be a bridesmaid for dad on 2nd July. Hamsters have had more babies and Nicola broke my iPod dock. I have no clue what to do with myself. The bridesmaid colour is red and I am wearing the same as Amy.

Note: Amy was my step sister.

16th June 2011 21:46 local time

I’m in France. I’m in the le Colibri hotel room 112. I haven’t cried yet apart from on the way here but that was because I was sat on my own. My hotel room is really homely. We did lots today like going to a square in Arras. Gab rejected me again but he said it was because I was “obsessed”.I’m not, it’s just Rebecca and Ryan keep saying stuff to him like “Gab, Castielle loves you.” It’s so annoying. Then he said he would rather have Jacob do CPR on him than me. He was joking but it hurt. Also, we were doing snog marry, push off a cliff and Ryan said he would push me off a cliff. It was between me, Christina and Rhiannon! That hurt too.

Note: The reason I said that I hadn’t cried yet is because I got very homesick.

2nd June 2011 22:04

Char is a spoilt brat. She bought a pair of gladiator shoes, a dress, a necklace and a playsuit. Why does she have all the money? Went to the beach today and I got sunburn. I went in the sea. And I love my beach hair 😀

1st June 2011 23:06

Dentist yesterday went fine. Night before was weird though. I had 3 dreams. One was me on a boat and I had to decorate tiles that covered this boat. The second one I was at the cinema with my dentist and the third one I was in love with Alex. He was romantic and I hugged him and it was quite a nice dream.