15th June 2016 02:18

Tonight has been the best night ever! I found out so much and told people so much. I have honestly felt so good today. Me, Rebecca, Louise, Esther and Christina slept round Eve’s. We had a little circle and we told each other what we hated most about ourself and what we liked about each other. To be honest they are all really nice, kind and pretty and I am honoured to be their friends 🙂


1st June 2012 21:56

Charlotte’s sleeping over Georgia’s tonight and the twins were supposed to sleep round Kelsea’s but Shannon came back crying in pain. She puked up so I sat with her til she fell asleep. There’s so much to live for I don’t know how anyone could want to end life out of choice. I love my life. It’s taken me a while to realise it but I do.