11th June 2013 15:29

I don’t think I’ve ever fully forgiven sarah and Georgia for the whole “sheep” thing last year and telling me they want me out the group. Not a day goes by where I’m not upset about it and how no one stuck up for me.


6th June 2013 15:59

Just found out from Courtney that Charlotte and Leon have gone all the way. I’m no longer her best friend and I can’t believe she didn’t tell me. I can be trusted. I bet Georgia knows, she’s Charlotte’s best friend but you know what, fuck you Charlotte, I’m sick of forgiving you and everyone else too. Everyone can just fuck off.

2nd June 2013 11:10

Eve is going out with Rowan. That’s so unbelievably cute :3 They are gonna be like so perfect 🙂 Haha I haven’t had a boyfriend since year 6 and even he admitted that he’d never loved me. What a loser 😉