25th March 2011 19:54

Sam hugged me today and I felt so happy. I felt warm but strange. P.S. I’m having The Vampire Diaries withdrawal symptoms.


23rd March 2011

To break someones heart you don’t have to dump them in fact you don’t even have to go out with them. I’m not loved. Ryan didn’t like me. My whole life has been an evil joke. No one likes me. I am that ugly. I don’t even know why Rebecca and Charlotte are friends with me. They could be popular. Why do I even try anymore. I may as well go die in a hole/

22nd March 2011 16:01

Today was so good-ish. It all started with lunch. Rebecca got stressed because we told Tom that she loved him. Then we did the same to Charlotte but Sam thought she was a Mexican 😀 Then in English Gab was reading then he had to choose a girl to read and everyone said “Castielle” and he said “Why?” and Charliee said “because she fancies the pants off you.” It was embarrassing but funny. So I read and then I had to pick a boy, so I went along the lines and chose James but he coughed and then said “Only cuz I coughed, do you have something against coughing?” and the whole class went “God James” or “Shut up James” and I felt liked for the first time ever, part of a team. P.S. with the Gab incident Ellie said “Gab loves Castielle” and he didn’t deny it. I know I’m being stupid but hey. And Miss Harris is giving away a TV and a mini fridge 😀

Yours Mrs Happy Smith

21st March 2011 22:24

Why do only ugly boys want to go out with me? Jack never loved me so it’s just Kai and Ryan! Am I that horrible!

Note: Yes you are for saying these things! Jack was my first “boyfriend” technically by the way, and Kai was a friend of mine.

21st March 2011 15:41

RYAN FANCIES ME!! What do I do? i want to go out with him but what will everyone say and I will be forced to kiss him :/ I like him xxx Would it be fair if I went out with him as I still love Gab. God I’m so sick in the head.

20th March 2011 22:18

Gab won’t go out with me because of my teeth but I can’t help that. I wish there was a way that I could have braces now without having teeth out and pain. I know I’ll get through it but I’m scared :s Help me!

Note: It was not due to my teeth that Gab wouldn’t go out with me and I realise that now.