20th March 2012 22:12

Another great episode of TVD (The Vampire Diaries). Went to the cinema on the 17th with Tom and Charlotte to watch The Woman In Black. I got so scared and they were laughing at me. I felt like a third wheel though! Tom asked Charlotte out when we left and they’ve already broken up. I tried to cheer Tom up but he’s so upset. Non-school uniform on Friday so I got a new top. It’s a size 8! It’s cream with a black flower pattern on it; gonna wear it with my new skinny jeans. Chose Jewellery Making for activities days it’s £15! Gosh I was such a twat earlier. Lewis, me, Naomi and Rebecca were walking to Maths and he gave them both hugs and than asked if I wanted one! I was thinking “stay calm, don’t panic” but the words “Yes, please” slipped out in a really pervy tone and I was feeling such a twat. Why did I say that? Anyway, I got a hug and it was a really friendly hug. It was nice but I still blushed. Why do I do that? I did it the other day too. Lewis came to tutor to give Mrs Saunders some money he owed her and then he started to leave when Rebecca decided to say “Don’t leave Lewis, Melissa will be sad.” and he looked at me in the eyes and said “I’m sorry Melissa.” and I had to turn around due to my face going bright red and I giggled. I have no clue why! Also, Jemma fancies Lewis. She was really worried about what I’d think bless her. I’m not really bothered. People are entitled to like whoever they want. But I really do love him even though people ask me why and say I’ve fancied him for ages. i still go giggly when he’s around.

Note: I felt like a third wheel because I was a third wheel. I did really like Lewis and I would probably consider him my first crush, and it was a serious crush too. I’m pretty sure I fancied him for around 3 years…


9th March 2012 19:17

Saw my bridesmaid dress a couple of days ago – it’s beautiful. Burgandy with material scooped at the top and a sweetheart neckline. Lewis has a new baby brother called Oscar. Char’s French exchange partner is here now. She is so nice and outgoing, Rozanne is quiet and Mihilde is very happy. Going up to Jess’s in the summer to try dress on and the day before the wedding I’m staying in a hotel to get pampered with Jess, Kerry and Anna. Getting acrylics too.Also, next summer we plan to go to Spain again. Lost my last baby tooth yesterdaya and I had to twist it fond like 4 times. Got £2 for it. Also yesterday Jess got me a new pair of school shoes which I needed. Tried Chocolate Phladelphia today – pure heaven. So happy at the momen. Supposed to be going to Yeovil tomorrow but really can’t be bothered! Howver, I need: a new school bag, a pair of chinos, a pair of jeans, a pair of flat shoes and maybe a new top. Oh, by the way the Olly Murs concert was amazing!


3rd March 2012 20:35

Mark proposed to Jess on Valentine’s Day and now Jess wants me to be her bridesmaid 😀 I’m so happy. Went to the Sealife Centre today and I went on the rides. I went on Croc Crek load and made my tooth more wobbly. It’s hurts now. I also went on a rock and tug spinning swinging boat and a jumping star thing. I think I have conquered my fear of rides.

Note: I had not conquered my fear of ride, these were all kiddie rides designed for children like 5 years younger than I was!!