28th March 2013 19:02

I haven’t written much in here in a while because this diary has been in my bag. The French exchanges have been and gone. I went to Nando’s last Friday with Esther, Rebecca, Eve, Rachel, Louise and Clarisse (Esther’s partner). It was such a good night. I’m so glad that I have such good friends and I love them. I had such a bad day yesterday though, I had my tetanus jab which wasn’t bad but I was nervous for it, I just handed my photography project in on time but I don’t think my final piece is very god and I think I got a C in my German test and I thought I knew it by heart. So basically last night I cried myself to sleep. I am glad I have shared my diary with everyone and everyone’s been trying to get into it 😉


11th March 2013 17:13

Went to see Oz-the great and powerful on Saturday. It was amazing! Saw Katie on Sunday which always cheers me up. Been feeling so much better these past few days which is good. I think I’m gonna lend people my diary soon because I feel they need to know how I feel. If anyone is offended I’m sorry and I love you all so much, past is the past! You can leave a note in the back once you’ve read this!

8th March 2013 19:22

I quit the job after 1 day. I cried on the way home and I basically didn’t like it. I got Charlotte’s paper round. Went to see Justin Bieber 3 days ago! It was one of the best days of my life and Sarah was the best person to have shared it with. Been feeling really down lately though and that’s lead me to do things I shouldn’t have. If anyone’s reading this don’t ask.