28th May 2011 22:08

Just watched Titanic. It made me cry this time but Leonardo DiCaprio is one hot boy (or he was when he filmed it). I love that film! I love Jack Dawson xxx


27th May 2011 16:27

Made Rebecca’s cake it was delicious she loved her presents. Do you ever have someone say something absent mindedly but then you feel really good? Philip did that today. I had jabs today. They went fine I felt a scratch then I felt the liquid go in. When I was done I touched my arm and I could feel the liquid in it. Going bowling in a bit. Oh yeah and Charliee Cox wrote my number in chalk on the ground. Then I recieved a phone call but it went to voice mail by an unknown number. I HATE HER!

22nd May 2011 10:31

Yesterday was so good. I was supposed to go crabbing but I went to town instead. I got Rebecca’s birthday present, as we are the spice girls and she is Baby Spice me and Courtney got her a baby photo frame with pictires of us in it. And we got a card and all of us wrote messages in it. Also on Thursday Courtney, Charlotte and me are going to Esther’s house to make her a cake.

10th May 2011 22:06

I love Ash and Gab. I had to admit that to Charlotte today. Courtney, Esther, Char, Rebecca, Jemma and Georgia are coming round mine of Fri 😀 The Vampire Diaries was so sad today. Damon started crying because “I couldn’t live with you hating me forever” and Jenna died so Jeremy has lost everyone apart from Elena. Damon has a werewolf bit so he is gonna die 😥

8th May 2011 22:08

Bowling was wkd. I came 2nd out of everyone. I hugged Ash. Then we followed Rowan, Gab and Ash. They got really angry but Rebecca asked Rowan out and he said maybe and Ash said I don’t know to Char. We had a huge sand fight on the beach and we buried Elliot. It was such a good day! Then I had my haircut shoulder length and it looks OK.

7th May 2011 21:05

Watched Water for Elephants today. It was such a good film and Robert Pattinson is still as gorgeous as ever! Must get it on DVD. Courtney was laughing all the way through though. Going bowling tomorrow with everyone (including Gab!) Can’t wait!