30th November 2011 22:13

OMG it’s December tomorrow! Town went okay got Jemma’s birthday pressie – a J ornament that I decorated with flowers and personalized it! I also got myself a blue coat that sucks me in and I love it, Char’s secret santa gift – a canvas I made with butterflies and my favourite saying and Char’s birthday gift – a C necklace. Saw 36 people we knew in town. That included Lucas who gave us all a huge hug when he saw us! That cheered me up more than it should’ve. I enjoy getting attention and I think I am a drama queen. Should be getting my braces soon. I’m 9th on the list 😀 I will look pretty for once in my life! Whoops drama queen again! sorry. Oh yeah I think it was yesterday; Becca got me to touch Lewis’s hair and it is the softest thing EVER. I<3 LG xxx

Notes: 1. Getting braces does not make you pretty. Sure it straightens your teeth out so you can smile in photos, but your face is your face and you have to put up with it for the rest of your life. 2. I now know that touching a guys hair is not the best way to get him to like you, it’s creepy and weird and should not be done.


29th November 2011 23:03

Urgh so full up! Ate a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, half a pizza, a huge pack of chocolate buttons and a quarter a bottle of Coke. Sam told me I wasn’t ugly today. That cheered me up. Xmas shopping tomorrow. Off school because of a strike tomorrow. Getting braces by January hopefully. Can’t wait for One Direction! eeepp!

25th November 2011 16:14

God I’m s messed up. James told Becca I’m ugly and when Luke asked who I was and they pointed me out he pretended to be sick. But I can’t be that ugly otherwise why would Lewis hug me? I mean I wouldn’t hug Leo would I? WHY AM I ON THIS EARTH IF MY LIFE IS TO BE SPENT BEING MISERABLE!

Note: This was quite a mean entry on my behalf, being a bit of a hypocrite. Upset because someone was mean but then I go and do the same…

23rd November 2011 18:33

Finally got my Lewis hug 😀 I love him. I keep finding my mind drifting to him. I wonder if he ever thinks of me. I think of him all the time. I just can’t ask him out though, I’m way too shy. Damn it! Wish I was as confident as Naomi. Right this is extremely private and i probably shouldn’t write this in here because Charlote is bound to look but I spoke to Sam today and I felt like we connected somehow. I DO NOT FANCY HIM THOUGH. I like him but not that much. God that sounds bad!

22nd November 2011 16:24

I still don’t have my Lewis hug but earlier James said he didn’t like me. But guess what he just text me back saying it’s not true and James is an asshole!x I am soo happy.

Note: I know I say soo a lot and it’s not a spelling mistake that  just how I wrote it!

19th November 2011 21:59

Watched Breaking Dawn yeterday. It was amazing. Went to Exeter today. I got a Nando’s, a blue t-shirt with a heart saying “Never say never” and some control pants. Lewis owes me a hug so I text him and he text me back saying “Where were you after school? xx” eeeeeeeeeepppp I love him so much.

13th November 2011 18:10

I keep having weird excited moments, like the feeling on Christmas eve. I think it’s because One Direction are live on the radio on Top 40 and then they are performing live on X Factor and I’m going to see them in January 😀 sooo excited for: 1D, Olly Murs, Christmas, my birthday, Breaking Dawn. I watched the Southill fireworks yesterday. They were 20x better than Weymouth’s ones. They had hearts.