30th October 2010 01:58

I’m in the middle of a sleepover with Rebecca and Charlotte. Getting bored now so we are all tired. It seems a waste of a night if I go to sleep now. Missing home a bit. By the way I am so embarrassed and sore from the face mask that Rebecca and Charlotte made I think I am allergic to something. I this they are going to sleep now so I’m going to be on my own 😦 I want to go home now. This has been one of the worst nights ever.


6th October 2010 15:13

Today Charlotte is being such a bitch. I hate it. First I wanted to sit down and she wouldn’t let me so I threw a tiny bit of slush over her so now she got me soaked with het orange squash and she just called me stupid for writing my diary on my ipod and she said that I am boring as I am not taking anything fun for my GCSE’s.

Speak to you later

Castielle xxx