29th October 2012 22:48

Really worried about Halloween. I look like a prostitute. I’m supposed to be going to Eve’s but I don’t think her parents will appreciate that! I’m not gonna lie Leon and his mum have spoilt Charlotte so much and it’s starting to piss me off. Here I am not being able to even go to town and she won’t even give me my proper wages! It fucks me off. Sarah is the greatest person in my life right now. She’s amazing! She’s getting me an ear stretcher on Wednesday and she has something big planned for my birthday. She’s always there if I need her and I’m so grateful for that. If you ever read this Sarah, YOU ARE AMAZING! You have pulled me out of my rutt and I love yo. I honestly love having someone to talk to and trust 🙂

Note: Me and Charlotte had a joint paper round, we did it together and we split the wages but because it went into her account she couldn’t give me exactly half. Plus I just noticed how a couple of entries before I was saying how I can’t trust Sarah and now I’m saying she’s the only person I can trust.


23rd October 2012 15:33

Today is just one of those days where I want to give up. We had a surprise speaking test in English. Of course I messed up and I almost cried in front of the whole class. Even Jessie did better than me and I swear she’s really shy. Everyone liked Rachel’s cake.

12th October 2012 20:35

I think it might be a ticket to go with her because she says she needs to ask her mum and she keeps hinting. If it was I would be sooo happy but I don’t want to get my hopes up. Started to do some daily exercise because of my flabby tum! And The Vampire Diaries starts again Monday 😀 Charlotte has been slightly annoying me lately. First she took Leon to Paignton with her. I’m her friend of 10 years and she’s never taken me and now Laura’s coming back (which means I’ll be ignored for a week) and Char’s taking her to London. She knows I’ve always wanted to go to London. I’m also worried about Disneyland too because when Char and Georgia are together they’re like best friends so I didn’t want to go with them but the rooms are final now so I have to. Also I don’t want to waste my time when I’m there and if everyone’s going on the big rides I will. 

6th October 2012 19:48

Waffle on was amazing! It was nice to hang out with a big group who are all nice and kind. It was nice when I left too because everyone was saying goodbye and giving me hugs and high-fives 😀 Today I tidied my room a bit more because Leon and Charlotte came round for MarioKart 🙂 Also earlier, I tweeted Sarah saying how I wish I could go to Justin Bieber with her and she said same but she will take photos for me then I said thanks and then she tweeted that she had a good idea so I asked her what it was and she said she can’t tell me… I wonder what it is?

Note: I 100% knew at this point that she was planning to take me to Justin Bieber but I didn’t want to get my hopes up just yet!

4th October 2012 10:46

Going to waffle on today with Char, Leon etc. Can’t wait 🙂 I’m surrounded by people who like me yet I feel so lonely, I don’t have a best friend or boyfriend. It’s good that I have someone who understands how I feel though 🙂 I find it really frustrating how I can’t hate dad, I could be homeless in 10 months because of him and Toni. To be honest I’m not sure who to trust now. I can’t trust Sarah, I got a text the day after those boys were mean apologising and I actually thought it was them, it was Sarah and she didn’t even tell me. I found out from Rebecca 2 days ago. I’m such a gullible pushover. I think that’s why people treat me like dirt, I just forgive people. Oh and it turns out I might not be able to be Jess’s bridesmaid, mum wants to cancel but it’s been my dream since I was like 5!