21st September 2012

Esther’s party was amazing we basically raved and sung for 3 hours. Can’t explain how I feel right now. 


13th September 2016 20:16

Been talking to Leon these past few days and it’s been nice talking to someone who understands. Conversation flows easier then. Everyone is getting a bit tense at the minute about Disneyland so yeah.

Note: I think this was about who was going to be in rooms with who at Disneyland.

8th September 2012 21:27

Been to see JLS on the 1st which was amazing! Also saw Tich, Cover Drive, AME and Little Mix. there but my back absolutely killed. Went to the hospital yesterday and I have to have 4 teeth out. Also 2 of them are still in the gum so I will have to have stitches 😦 so worried. I have Mr. Croft for English this year which is good but I also have Mrs Gibson for Photography which sucks.