28th November 2010 20:46

Not looking forward to tomorrow gotta see Jess and got academic tutoring with Miss Evans. Must go watching X Factor gonna find out whether Wagner or Mary is going home x




11th November 2010 21:08

Omg I love Lucy Lou Hogan she is the best. She invited me to her sleepover on Sat and it was wkd (my version of slang for wicked) only got 2 hours sleep. It was me, Char, Lucy, Rebecca, Beth Taylor, Eloise and Robyn. Today was horrible my hormones are really kicking in one min I am fine but the next I’m in tears. When I did sport today we did hockey and I got smacked by 3 separate hockey sticks and I got hit by the puck twice. But we drew 6-6 with the other team and I scored 4 of them. i went on the pitch 5 times and scored every time apart from when I was in goal!

See you later,

Lots of Love,