18th December 2010 09:33


I’m feeling much better today


16th December 2010 20:23

I’m having such a bad day first I had to go to the orthodontic then mum has just shouted at me and I can’t get my hair done for the party and yet Rhianna is having her hair done and she brought a new dress and it was more expensive than mine and it’s not even her party ­čśŽ I’m having an emotional breakdown and Gab isn’t coming to my party because he is at his dad’s and he will never go out with me because I’m such an ugly bitch I hate myself. I can’t even explain how terrible I feel. I am seriously┬ásuicidal┬átoday.

Yours sadly,

Castielle loserface Smith

p.s. note from future self, if you are immature enough to use the phrase loserface you are probably not as upset as you think!!

14th December 2010 17:43

Four days till the party can’t wait 13 at last! Cake is crud though ­čśŽ I wasn’t supposed t find it but I did and it’s really girly YUK! I need someone for music and we don’ have enough balloons either and the limo isn’t paid for. And even before the party I still have the orthodontic on the 16th. I’m really scared. Must go now see you later

Miss Castielle Smith xxx

7th December 2010 12:37

My goodness I am so bored I am doing nothing in Clare Hall and I hate it. I’ve never been more bored. I do nothing in this stupid play. I’ve learnt 1 thing which is how to greet the guests and practised it so many times I know it by heart. I cannot wait for lunch. Charlotte is taking the piss again about me writing my diary on my iPod but who gives a s**t

See you later