29th April 21:22

Prince William and Kate got married today and they looked so happy it was absolutely lovely but Kate’s ring didn’t fit. Her dress was ivory with lace attached. I wish I was as lucky as her. But today was also weird, it was like everywhere I went there were fit boys. I went to Warmwell today too and conquered my fear of waterslides and they put the wave machine on.


26th April 2011 22:09

I wish I was Elena and Bella in one. I wish someone like Damon liked me or if someone felt so willing to give their life for me like Edward. Will I ever be loved?

Note: Bella from the Twilight Saga and Elena from the Vampire Diaries

23rd April 2011 17:58

Katie is so cute but her mm is so detached. Bea is a nut case. I will fill you in on the last few days. Tuesday. I got a hamster but then I was offered 3 dwarf hamsters, so then I had 4. The 1st is called Peaches and the dwarfs are Stripes, Co-Co and Star.We thought the dwarfs were all female but yesterday Stripe was a boy and Co-Co gave birth to 4 babies, so now I have 8. But on the upside I went to town on Friday with Courtney, Esther, Charlotte and Rebecca and it was wkd. We got BFF wristbands and there was a girl who was taking pics of us, so CJ swore at her so her mum came over and asked “Where’s your parents?””How old are you, 9?” She was a right freak! But today Char was acting strange. I asked her to come over and she said she can’t because she’s doing something. What is “something”? Soemthing is going on and I wanna know what D: I love Gab.

17th April 2011 14:33

Charlotte actually has £500! She also has a huge flat screen TV. I wanna know where this money is coming from.

Note: The money was Charlotte’s inheritance from a dead family member. Again another point where I was wrong and horrible about something.

7th April 2011 18:32

Charlotte is so luckier than me and I am so jealous. She has got 2 hairbands, a magazine, she went to town with Esther, Courtney and Rebecca without me and bought a dress which must have cost like £20 and to top it off she got one of those hoodies with her name on. The green-eyed monster has got me. On the upside I have finished Twilight.

1st April 2011 15:42

Let’s start with Monday:

Lost phone, did sport in uniform (with 2 bags on me), broke sport bag and sat on nail.


Major bee on head incident


Found phone


long speaking session with Sam


Cried in tutor about how crap life is money wise. Everyone is going to town and I can’t go as I have no money.